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About Us


Growing up in an Irish family instils the passion and love of Irish culture and history.  I am so thankful for having lived in Kenmare, Co Kerry for over 15 years now, one of the most magical places in the world, and being able to bring to life the history which shaped the lives of our ancestors and indeed of Ireland.

An té a bhíónn siúlach, bíonn scéalach

He who travels has stories to tell


‘Kenmare Heritage Tours’ was created because of Anne-Marie’s:
  • Proud passion for Ireland, its history, landscape, stories, and culture.

  • Desire to create experiences, full of memories, that you will treasure and talk about for many years to come.

  • Experience of working in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors.

  • Fabulous insight into what visitors to Kenmare and Ireland are truly seeking. 

  • Keen eye for luxury, attention to detail and professionalism which you will experience first-hand on all our tours.

Our team of Qualified Tour Guides will bring the past to life with their compelling stories - as part of a small group or at your own pace.
My sincere gratitude goes to the following photographers, for their incredible contributions to the site:
Eoghan Kavanagh,
Nik Hall,
Małgorzata Miczek Photography
Tourism Ireland
Anne-Marie Cleary
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